Boca Design Suites Hotel

Located in down-town Buenos Aires, this 85-suite, 17-level Design Hotel was conceived to become an icon of this perpetually avant-garde city.
All four façades were developed with a unique design generating an additional visual interest. The roof deck is equipped with metallic canopies veiling technical appliances.
The main entrance façade is composed by four glazed curved surfaces that establish a formal dialogue. The lower lateral arched planes, amalgamate height-wise with the surrounding buildings.
The bold and rigorous exterior is translated to the stunning interior integrating visual, technical and emotional aspects.
Lower levels adapt to the geometry of the plot. The main lobby is defined as a permanent visual reference, which is vertically connected by a glass box that contains the elevators.
Ground floor includes the entrance, lobby and dining. First basement offers the multipurpose room. First level accommodates the spa. These three levels interconnect by a triple height spacious hall that establishes a close connection with the street and its flow.
The dynamic course of Boca Juniors is reflected in the longitudinal disposition of long and narrow panels of flooring, ceiling and cladding. The linear sequence becomes the leitmotif of the composition.
The main space thus is conceived as a journey that begins when you enter the Hotel. Horizontally it culminates at a bamboo screen framed with a metal. Vertically, the journey ends at the top pole, where there is a linear source of light.
The space maintains its linearity being only interrupted by intentional references and equipment to propose interludes.

LOCATION: Buenos Aires, Argentina
AREA: 8.000 m2
DATE: 2008
STATUS: Completed 2012

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