EZ Esther Towers

Two symmetrical 27-storey sloping towers, comprised by seventeen open office floors, situated in a Sao Paulo key trade zone close to malls and main new corporate buildings, distinguished by an inverted pyramidal helipad that suspends on the central axis joining the inclined peaks. A 6-storey slanting parking podium includes an iconic restaurant building that relates the pedestrian commercial promenade.
Clad in dark grey, white and silver reflective glass, the inclined elevations pretend to provide a dynamic appearance to the triple a office complex in the best location of the city. A fountain and waterfall at the centre of the vehicular and pedestrian access create a roundabout element giving access under large glass canopies to the two different office towers lobbies with a major café at the centre.

LOCATION: Sao Paulo, Brazil
AREA: 136.500 m2
DATE: 2014
STATUS: Under Design

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