Hangzhou Grand Theatre

The building was the first structure built in the new Hangzhou Central Business District along the river.
A master plan had been developed by the municipality to eventually accommodate a convention centre, the new municipality building and a large shopping centre; as the new business area of the city away from the historic west lake downtown, and linked to it by a new avenue.
Plots of land were to be offered to potential clients to build new structures around it.
Hangzhou Grand Theatre conceived as a sculpture, is the prime cultural facility of the capital of Zhejiang Province. Known as "a pearl in its oyster's shell", the moon-shaped volume formed by complex double curved glass facades and titanium roof, incorporates the exterior green area that surrounds it. Containing the 1600-seat Opera Hall in the inverted conical shape, besides a 600-seat Concert Hall, a 400-seat Theatre and a rooftop 24-hour open Chinese restaurant with views of the outdoor amphitheatre and the river. Flexible floors, walls, ceilings and acoustic materials enable to host Eastern and Western repertoires. Special lighting effects coordinate activities with acoustics.

LOCATION: Hangzhou, China
AWARDS: 1st Prize International Design Competition
AREA: 50,000 sqm; Opera Hall-1600 seats, Concert Hall-600 seats, Theatre Hall-400 seats
DATE: 1999
STATUS: Completed 2004
ARCHITECT OF RECORD: Hangzhou Architectural Research & Design Institute.

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