InterContinental Hangzhou Hotel

The Hangzhou International Conference Centre is a 5 star diamond class Intercontinental Hotel and Conference Centre.
The 379 rooms gives the conference centre, the ability to host international conferences and provide guests with luxury accommodation. The Conference Centre consists of a 1,000 seat professional hall, with six different languages interpretation booths.
Based on the principles of iconicity, functionality and innovation, the Hangzhou International Conference Center adopts the spherical design concept of “sun”, using the golden hue as the source of its main color while the curtain wall adopts a combination of modern composite panels and golden tinted glass. The entire building is magnificent looking: acting like a large golden sun, reflecting and accentuating the value of Hangzhou, solidifying the city’s reputation as a romantic capital.

LOCATION: Hangzhou, China
AREA: 110.000 m2
DATE: 2004
STATUS: Completed 2015
ARCHITECT OF RECORD: China Aeronautical Project and Design Institute CAPDI

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