OH! La Barra

The contemporary retail complex located in La Barra, an exclusive seaside area of Punta del Este, portrays the repetition of five two-storey stone bungalows to create the antithesis of a concrete mall, allowing shops to have singular identities.
OH! La Barra is an open-air shopping promenade with over 35 stores, 150 parking stalls and additional 50 valet parking spaces. Portraying a rustic chic style, it includes top-of-the-line brands, refined gastronomic spaces, areas dedicated to art and design, halls for events and parades and entertaining spaces with a 6D cinema with interactive seats.

LOCATION: La Barra, Maldonado, Uruguay
AREA: 4.000 m2
DATE: 2009
STATUS: Completed 2014
ARCHITECT OF RECORD: Carlos Ott & Vicente Aramendía Associated Architects

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