Opéra Bastille

Located in the Place de la Bastille where two hundred years ago the French Revolution took place, the two hectares site is crossed by three subway lines and faces the canal of St. Martin.
The complex includes a 2,745 seats opera auditorium, a 600 to 1300 seats multipurpose hall, a large enclosed amphitheatre for 500 people and Tour d’Argent studio for 275 stalls.
The uniqueness of the structure are its 6 behind stage areas to permit easy movement of three dimensional sets, a layout repeated 30 metres below in its lower basement.
Another stage identical to the main is located at one side in order to permit rehearsals and recordings.
Several rehearsal rooms for musicians, choir and singers and a full size ballet rehearsal located at the top of the structure provide many spaces for artists in addition to private loges. A full workshops permits the fabrication on site of sets, costumes and wall paintings, wood works etc.
Completed for the 14th of July of 1989 for the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution, the building was inaugurated in the presence of 52 heads of state hosted by President Francois Mitterrand.

LOCATION: Paris, France
AREA: 150.000 m2
DATE: 1984
STATUS: Completed 1989
ARCHITECT OF RECORD: Cabinet Saubot-Jullien

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