Sophien und Hufeland Klinikum Weimar

Situated in the city of Goethe and Schiller, the 600 bed hospital and psychiatric facility and regional pharmacy provides medical services for the residents of the province of Thüringen.

In a long and large site with 25 metres different heights, the complex is broken in different pavilions, with the bed pavilions adjacent and with views to the park.

In order to minimize workers distances, from its original conception the use of robots was planned to link the different areas.

Bridges and elevators are used by patients, visitors, staff and robots alike.

AWARDS: 1st. Prize International Design Competition
LOCATION: Weimar, Germany
AREA: 60,000 sqm
DATE: 1993
STATUS: Completed 1998
ARCHITECT: Plunsgruppe - Ott – WACO
ARCHITECT OF RECORD: Alberto Bornes Architect

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