Virgen de las Arenas Chapel

The chapel is located within Laguna Escondida Beach & Lagoon, an exclusive gated summer resort in Jose Ignacio; the top seaside location on the Atlantic Ocean in Punta del Este, Uruguay.
The masterplan includes beach service, a boutique hotel in the bay, ocean views surrounded by the forest, with countryside peace and lagoon serenity.
Virgen de las Arenas chapel emerges as a sculpture from the natural environment.
The synthesis of two hands united in a prayer position, composed by a black iron structure, wood planes and concrete, frame the cover warped ruled surfaces of the chapel. The roof zenithally illuminates the space through an open skylight and the altar exposes the views towards the lagoon.

LOCATION: José Ignacio, Maldonado, Uruguay
AREA: 200 m2
DATE: 2016
STATUS: Completed 2016

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