Comandante Armando Tola International Airport 1st Phase – El Calafate

The dynamic design of Calafate airport is a synthesis between high technology equipment; modern materials such as large thermal glass surfaces and telescopic access sleeves for aircrafts, with walls made of stone and exposed inclined steel structures supported by rock-clad piers. The angular geometry of the sloping roof covered with double height sheet metal, helps drain heavy snows. The construction parallel to the track, has clear facades opening towards the lake and the mountains, and side facades closed by thick stone-clad masonry walls, perpendicular to the strong prevailing winds.

AWARDS: 1st Prize International Design Competition
LOCATION: Ruta Provincial 11Cal, Lago Argentino, El Calafate, Argentina
AREA: 2.550 m2
DATE: 1998
STATUS: Completed 2000
ARCHITECT OF RECORD: Juan Carlo Sabaté- Alberto Radaelli Arquitectos

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