Henan Art Centre

The proposed image for the Henan Art Center is that of a curvilinear and dynamic structure, that conveys to the exterior the cultural, artistic, musical and theatrical activities of the interior halls.
It hosts an 1800-seat Opera, a 800-seat Concert Hall, a 300-seat Multi-purpose Hall, a Folk Art Museum and a Fine Art Gallery.
The Art Centre designed with an asymmetric configuration on a symmetrical scheme, has its axis perpendicular to the Central Lake shore.
This landmark guarantees that Zhengzhou will have a special personality as an Art and Music Hall Center. The curved sculptural volumes are immediately recognizable in the urban design composition of the Central Business District.

LOCATION: Zhengzhou, Henan, China
AWARDS: 1st Prize International Design Competition
AREA: 63.000 m2
DATE: 2003
STATUS: Completed 2008
ARCHITECT OF RECORD: Beijing Design Institute

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