Ivens Dias Branco Condominium

Located in a prime site over the Atlantic Ocean beach of Fortaleza city in north east Brazil, the 40 storey building has 600 sqm large units per floor including a helipad at its top and large terraces around its perimeter.
In order to accentuate its location on the edge of spectacular beaches, the building was conceived as a sinuous sculpture mimicking the ocean waves at its feet, with curvilinear deep balconies around its three waterfront sides.
The rear façade on the contrary facing the city was treated as a more opaque wall locating all services in its perimeter.

LOCATION: Fortaleza, Brazil
AREA: 40.000 m2
DATE: 2016
STATUS: Under Construction
ARCHITECT OF RECORD: CIA de Arquitetura - Osvaldo Luis Freitas de Souza

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